Civ Vi Research Agreement

Civilization VI (Civ VI) is a popular turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games. The game provides an immersive experience where players can choose a civilization and guide it through different ages of human history, from the ancient era to the modern era. One of the most exciting features of Civ VI is the research agreement, which allows civilizations to collaborate on scientific advancements. In this article, we will take a closer look at Civ VI`s research agreement and how it can benefit the player`s civilization.

Research agreement is a treaty between two civilizations that allows them to share their scientific knowledge. The agreement lasts for 30 turns and can be renewed if both parties are willing. The benefits of research agreements are substantial. It not only allows civilizations to collaborate on scientific advancements but also boosts their research output. Science is the backbone of any civilization, and research agreements can help players advance faster in the game.

Players can enter into research agreements with civilizations that they have a friendly relationship with. To initiate a research agreement, players need to have the Printing technology. Once the players have Printing, they can negotiate with other civilizations and agree on a research agreement. The agreement will cost players gold and beards per turn. The cost of the agreement depends on the player`s game difficulty level and the number of civilizations in the game.

Once the research agreement is confirmed, the player`s civilization and the partner`s civilization will share their science output. The shared science is equal to the player`s science output multiplied by 1.5. The bonus science output will last for 30 turns, and both civilizations will receive the same amount of science points. The shared science output can help players complete technologies faster, advancing their civilization to the next era.

It is important to note that research agreements can also have diplomatic benefits. When civilizations collaborate on science, they build trust and friendship. This can help players maintain good diplomatic relations with their partners, which can be crucial in the late game.

In conclusion, research agreements are an essential tool for players wanting to advance their civilization in Civ VI. The agreements allow civilizations to collaborate on scientific advancements while boosting their research output. Diplomatically, research agreements can also foster friendships and trust between civilizations. Players should aim to initiate research agreements with civilizations that they have a good relationship with, or that are technologically advanced. With research agreements in place, players can reap the benefits of shared scientific output and advance their civilization faster.